Saturday Night Bingo

Tiger Bingo is run by a Committee from SPHS Tiger Boosters. Bingo is the largest source of funding for extracurriculars at SPHS, raising over $200,000 a year to support all extracurricular activities, including Band. Bingo is open every Saturday night year-round. Parents from different student groups take turns working at Bingo and raise funds for their student groups. Representing one of the largest student bodies in school, SPHS Music Boosters is committed to working on the first Saturday of every month with a team of 3 parents, 5 students for setup, and 5 students for cleanup. Bingo is our largest and most consistent funding source, contributing over $20,000 a year to our budget. Without this funding, it would not be possible to keep our student fees so low. Please consider working for Bingo, to support not only your student but also to help Bingo run smoothly, which benefits all students at South Pasadena High School.

Parents: Click on the link below to sign up to help. Meet at the SPHS gym and please be on time. The Bingo shift is from 4:00p to around 10:00p.
Friends and families are welcome to sign up and help out – 18 years or older (but not a current SPHS student).
A parent volunteer’s main job is to walk around the tables to sell pull-tab tickets. Please wear comfortable shoes!

There are also many positions available on the Bingo committee. A Committee member receives double Bingo credit but is also committed to working more often. If you are interested, please contact the Bingo Volunteer Coordinator of the Bingo Committee. More details on Bingo can be found on Tiger Bingo website.

Students: Students will sign up themselves with their band Vice President – for setup and cleanup, not for actual Bingo. A signup sheet is usually posted in the band room. The setup shift is from 12:30pm-2:30pm (5 students), while the cleanup shift is from 9:00pm-10:30pm (5 students).