Jazz Band

This is an ensemble class that studies and performs in the jazz/popular idiom. This is a one-year, performance ensemble that rehearses during the school day. Students learn different musical styles, interpretations, techniques, and improvisation necessary for small and large group performances. This is a one-year course and can be repeated for continuous credit. Prerequisite: previous musical training along with audition and/or teacher recommendation is required for enrollment. Note:  Students must also have the ability to participate in competitions and performances in the evenings and on weekends. UC/CSU Approved for “F” Visual & Performing Arts (VPA).

All students at SPHS may join the Jazz Band, no matter whether you are in the Marching Band or not. If you are interested in music, and would like to play an instrument, or even sing, you are welcome to join the Jazz Band.

The Jazz Band class usually takes place at 0th period, so that it won’t conflict with your other course assignments. All you need to do is to come to school a little early.

During the class, students learn and practice Jazz music. There will be many performances throughout the year, including the school concerts, Jazz Night, and   hired gigs around the City. Students may also take the Spring  Trip, to perform in a competitive music festival with other high schools across the nation.