Marching Band Shopping List


Student Contribution ($259) covers meals and training apparels. Black shoes/gloves/socks are required for competitions (please check with your child whether you need to purchase for them).  See Description below for more details.

Our annual budget is $100,000, or ~$1,000 per student. Most of the funds are raised through fundraisers and donations. Please consider joining our cause to sustain a high caliber music education at SPHS. Any contribution matters!


The Student Contribution covers meals during Band Camp and competitions ($110), shorts ($20), 2x t-shirts ($30), show shirt ($15), warm-ups($60), and uniform cleaning ($24).

Black shoes/gloves/socks are required for marching band competitions. The students may use their own black socks. Some band members do not need gloves. The Band room might have some used shoes for loan. Your child may have already ordered them from the Student Uniform Manager. Please check with them at first whether you need to pay for these items.

To apply Bingo credit and learn your balance, please send an email to

Installment payment options and Financial Aid are available. Please send a request to